You just play, one without squeaking - Naughty Castle

Just play, one play at a time without squeaking. On the second day of the New Year's Day holiday, they had to go to Wanda to play the big slide, and I thought about what there was to play with the broken slide. I swiped Douyin and saw that Jiangnan didn't open a new naughty castle? Naughty Castle I only play the newly opened ones.

The first feeling is that it is not as big as in the video, the sixth of these greedy stores, and he is a little cold, so he urgently bought two pairs of thick socks for my girl, and it was a little cold when I took off my coat, so I put it on again. It's that the ground is geothermal, and it's quite warm to stand up, but as long as you don't stand on the ground, you feel cold. I wore both of them in down pants and sweaters the whole time, and I didn't sweat much when I played.

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But although the environment is cold, the people are warm. The staff saw us eating and would tell us to wait until we were done eating before starting the game. Group games are played every hour, and each round is different, and the children feel very involved. And if the kids don't get the prizes, the staff is more anxious than you and can't wait to give you a few more chances.

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So almost every child goes back with a full load, and the child who doesn't find the prize, they will try their best to give it to you. It's a good venue and it's very clean. The staff who just opened are very caring and hope to get warmer and warmer.