Introducing several popular non-powered rides

In the process of children's growth, it is inseparable from the assistance of amusement equipment, whether it is an amusement park, a parent-child farm or a scenic park, some non-powered amusement facilities and equipment will be introduced to attract children and increase popularity. Our common ones are: sliding world, climbing net slide combination, piggy run, cherry blossom tree swing, pit daddy roller coaster, hanging pile combination, suspension bridge combination, net red swing, disc swing, bubble swing, jungle crossing, water expansion, etc., are all popular non-powered amusement equipment. Here are a few popular non-powered amusement equipment that can bring traffic and income to scenic spots and farms.

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1. Skating the world

The slide world is evolved from a large-scale combination slide, which mainly includes rock climbing, S-curve slide, tire slope, half-pack slide, rainbow slide, etc., which is a new type of Internet celebrity amusement equipment. The climbing wall is an area made of paved rocks that allows visitors to experience the joy of rock climbing. The S-shaped slide is an upgrade on the traditional slide, allowing visitors to slide down the slide in the S-shape, which increases the fun of playing. Tire breaking is the construction of layers of tires on the slope that can be played in different ways.

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2. Skywalk

The Skywalk is a combination of climbing nets and glass plank paths, and it is also a landmark amusement project in the non-powered park, which has quickly become an Internet celebrity amusement project because of its different ways of playing and exciting experience. The Skywalk is a clever combination of double-layer laminated tempered glass and stainless steel, and is installed by experienced installers. When designing the Skywalk, the designer added slides on both sides to make the whole amusement project more diverse, so as to increase the fun experience of visitors.

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3. Flying Castle

The Flying Castle, also known as the Devil's Slide Paradise, is designed to be 6 floors high and tens of meters high, looking like a huge colorful castle from a distance. The Flying Castle is mainly composed of: steel frame platform, climbing net, rock climbing point, spiral slide, straight slide, dragon cave, etc. and a combination, from the bottom to the top, each floor has a different way to reach the previous floor. There are other ways to connect between the same floors, and there are multiple ways to play, so people of all ages can find something to enjoy.