What you don't know about unpowered rides

In recent years, the business of non-powered amusement equipment has become more and more popular, whether it is in tourist attractions or square parks, you can see the figure of children's non-powered amusement equipment. Many people say that children's business is easy to do, but is this really the case? Let's take a look at the things you don't know about children's non-powered play equipment.

1. Not all venues are suitable for placing non-powered amusement equipment

Some people see others placing amusement equipment in the square park, and then want to put it up themselves. In fact, there are many squares and parks that do not allow private placement of these amusement equipment, if you don't have a relationship, it is very difficult to find squares, parks and other places to place non-powered amusement equipment.

2. The operation of non-powered amusement equipment is not so easy

Many people only see the operators of non-powered amusement equipment, as if they can make a profit just sitting there, but in fact, they do not see the installation, transportation, and maintenance of amusement equipment in the initial stage, especially the daily maintenance of equipment cleanliness, which is actually very hard.

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3. Not all non-powered amusement parks can be profitable

There are many types of non-powered amusement equipment, such as combination slides, multi-person swings, jungle crossing, climbing nets, etc., different types of amusement equipment are suitable for different venues.

4. Internet celebrity non-powered amusement equipment is the new favorite

With the rise of short videos, many innovative amusement equipment has been designed and developed, which are very playable, and some equipment can carry dozens of people to play on it at the same time. This kind of equipment not only satisfies the player's pursuit of freshness, but also satisfies the psychology of hobby posting to show off in Moments. Therefore, Internet celebrity non-powered amusement equipment is familiar to everyone in a short period of time, and makes people who have not played it want to try and experience.

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