Why do non-powered parks occupy the amusement market once they are launched?

As soon as the outdoor non-powered amusement park was launched, it was highly praised by everyone, giving people the impression of being "novel and interesting". With all kinds of equipment and fun rides, what is the charm of an outdoor non-powered park that makes us linger? There are two main reasons for this:

One. Suitable for a wide range of audiences, with a variety of device flavors

It is a child's nature to actively explore, and a non-powered playground allows children to fully unleash their nature. Entertainment products designed according to children's different age stages, behavioral characteristics and psychological needs. When designing outdoor non-powered amusement parks, it is taken into account that children between the ages of 1 and 6 are not very capable of playing alone at a very young age, and are suitable for playing in situations with a high safety factor. Parents can accompany play equipment such as bouncing clouds, bunkers, slides, swings, etc. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 are between older and younger. They like to play in groups. There will be plenty of entertainment equipment for multiple people to choose from. Everyone can participate together, such as climbing nets, influencer bridges, influencer swings, skating worlds, pit daddy roller coasters, and so on. Children over the age of 13 do not have any restrictions, as they are mentally mature and can participate in various recreational activities alone, fully demonstrating their physical balance and coordination.

Two. Integrate multiple scenarios to drive the economy

Outdoor non-powered parks are not only found in cities, but can also be combined with rural areas to create ecological parks or farms. Combining parent-child tourism and integrating the concept of parent-child tourism with outdoor non-powered parks can not only develop the economy of rural tourism, but also provide children with interesting outdoor parks.Outdoor non-powered parks can also be combined with tourist attractions, and equipment can be built according to the site and environment of the scenic spots, so as to drive the original projects of the scenic spots, increase the amusement experience of tourists, and drive the secondary consumption of the scenic spots. Outdoor non-powered amusement parks have changed the way people play, accommodating visitors of all ages, creating a variety of games based on different scenarios. From the above two points, it can be seen that the development prospect of outdoor non-powered parks is very broad. It can be combined with different industry scenarios, which not only speeds up the promotion, but also increases the profits obtained, and the risk rate is low, which is very suitable for bosses to choose.