What are the non-powered rides?

Unpowered play equipment is equipment that does not require energy to be powered to play, the most common example is a children's slide.

After this kind of construction is completed, whether it is outdoor or indoor, the working principle depends on the physical natural play equipment, which is called non-powered amusement equipment.

The main features are high safety factor, long service life, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment and good interaction.

There are many non-powered rides.

Such as: large-scale drill nets, theme park equipment, large-scale climbing nets, trampolines, stainless steel slides, sand pool parks, forest leaps, physical development, etc.

Non-powered amusement equipment is also divided into interactive and experiential types.

The safety of non-powered amusement equipment is becoming more and more popular among investors and families.

Non-powered amusement equipment was originally loved abroad, and it was only sought after in China in the past two years.

In particular, there is a demand for outdoor amusement equipment.

In China, non-powered children's amusement equipment has become a must-have product for kindergartens, residential areas, playgrounds and children.

Amusement equipment such as Naughty Castle and Children's Slide involve bouncing, drilling, and crawling, but the exercises of jumping and grasping are rare.

Non-powered amusement equipment can not only strengthen self-development for children's development, but also build strong self-confidence for children through teamwork and heroic difficulties.