What are the advantages of non-powered parks compared to traditional electric amusement parks?

Why is the current non-powered park so popular? Today, I will analyze the advantages of the non-powered park, which is mainly divided into the following three points: 1. The cost advantage of non-powered facilitiesThe cost of traditional electric equipment is high in the early stage, and the later operation is inseparable from the assistance of manpower and electricity. Therefore, the advantages of non-powered equipment are more prominent, non-powered facilities are equipment that does not require any electricity and external force to drive, and the cost is relatively low, so it is also popular with the market. 2. The post-maintenance and operating costs of the non-powered park are low, and the post-maintenance of non-powered equipment only needs to be checked regularly, which takes safety as the first place, is strong and firm, and can make children rest assured that they can liberate their nature and play more wantonly. In terms of operation, because the non-powered park is a new type of children's park that has gradually entered the public eye in the past two years, the novel gameplay has the effect of attracting customers.

3. The non-powered equipment can flexibly cooperate with the park planningThe planning of the non-powered park is customized according to the size of the site, and the equipment is selected at will, and ten acres of land can also create a high-traffic explosion park.