What equipment is recommended for large-scale non-powered amusement equipment?

What are the recommended Internet celebrity amusement equipment for large children's playgrounds? After the end of the epidemic, many children's playgrounds have returned to their previous appearance, at this time it is necessary to purchase new children's playground equipment, these years Internet celebrity children's playground equipment has developed rapidly, becoming a new highlight of children's playgrounds, but Internet celebrities have hundreds of children's playground equipment, a children's paradise can not be put down, it is more appropriate to select 3-5 to put in children's playgrounds, which children's playgrounds are recommended.

1. Skating World Park

Slide World Park is not a single piece of equipment, it is composed of a number of projects, including: S curve slide, half-pack slide, tire slope, climbing rope, rainbow slide, etc., it is precisely because most of it is slide type amusement equipment, so it is called Slide World. The Skating World Park project has a variety of gameplay and a good appearance, which is very suitable for tourists to check in and take pictures, and can also be combined with other non-powered amusement equipment to form a larger non-powered park, so it has won the love of players once it is launched.

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2. Bouncing clouds

The bouncing cloud is a change in the structural design on the basis of the indoor trampoline, which is a small outdoor trampoline formed by fixing on the ground, and the bouncing cloud adopts a fully enclosed structure, which will automatically replenish the air when the air pressure is insufficient, which facilitates the management of the operator. At the same time, the operation and management of the bouncing cloud is also very simple, and the ground requirements for installation are relatively low.

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3. Internet celebrity wishing tree

The Internet celebrity wishing tree is made of a variety of shapes such as artificial pink cherry blossoms, red maple leaves, green banyan trees, and orange trees, which are very ornamental, and are made of multiple colors. In order to make the effect more realistic, the trunk is also made of a simulated trunk with a texture that is very close to the real thing. The cockpit is designed according to the human body structure to bring enough support to the lower back and spine, and it is as if it is in a warm embrace.