What are the novelties in the children's playground?

Non-powered amusement equipment allows the experiencer to play outdoor equipment, mainly through climbing, ladders, running, sliding, drilling holes and other functional items assembled and used products, most of the materials are stainless steel, wood, PE board and other materials. New non-powered playgrounds are playing an increasingly important role in children's playgrounds, and many people are pursuing entertainment needs while satisfying the importance of physical health. The following Xilai Childhood recommends the more popular amusement equipment for you this year.

1. Large-scale climbing drill nets

The children's rope climbing program helps to develop a strong, brave and tenacious character, and in the process of playing this project, every part of the body needs to cooperate with each other, use both hands and feet, and pay full attention to every step under the feet. After a long period of play, the child's physical coordination is subtly cultivated, and the healthy growth is promoted at the same time, and the great fun is obtained.

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2. Children's customized combination slide

Children like the sharks, pirate ships, and castles in the animation, what kind of feeling would it be if these contents appeared in the real world in the animation?

3. Children's percussion instruments

Children's percussion instruments. It is an original music education system. It has given music education a new and unconventional concept and method, and has had a profound impact on music education in many countries and regions. Reflecting on the current situation of music education in China, the old model of singing and teaching music theory knowledge as the main body is still used for a long time, ignoring students' emotional stimulation and experience of music, and ignoring students' subjectivity, initiative, personality and creativity in music learning. A careful study of Orff's ideas and systems of music education will give us many useful inspirations.

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Fourth, the ground trampoline

First of all, buried trampoline It is a kind of aerobic exercise, children can promote the development of bones through the bounce of the trampoline, the development of limbs, etc., the joints of each body are also exercised to improve a lot, and the regular use of trampolines can indeed improve children's height. Compared with other running, trampoline sports require a lot of physical support such as cycling, and trampolines are more popular with children, who prefer simple and fun amusement equipment. This kind of play still has a great impact on children because of the more direct trampoline movement, which is a favorite amusement facility for children.