There are four changes that indoor children's parks must face at the moment

To reopen after the pandemic, indoor children's playgrounds will have to face a series of changes, including new safety measures, social distancing requirements and reduced footfall.

Indoor facilities are gradually being opened

Due to the increase in safety precautions, there is also an increase in the care of indoor children's playgrounds, which will increase the service of staff. Based on this, indoor children's park operators should consider gradually opening up indoor equipment, if all are opened, it may cause insufficient manpower, inadequate service, and even inadequate safety management. Before the park reopens, the rides will also need to be maintained and inspected, and staff will need to be trained on the new measures.

Health and safety measures

This will be one of the major changes to indoor parks after the pandemic. Park operators will have to add a series of health and safety checks to park guests. Temperature checks and mask wearing will be strict, and social distancing will become the norm, so we can post a sign in each play area in the park to remind everyone to practice social distancing.

Online ticketing and payment

Caution should be exercised for any activity that requires queuing, including ticket booths. In the early stages of the park, it is best to ask customers to use mobile phones and online payment to purchase tickets for the exhibition. Cashless payments are also required for shopping and dining to ensure contactless service.

Fewer tourists

Due to safety concerns, it is natural to limit the number of visitors when the park reopens, especially the indoor children's playground. Local governments may force parks to limit the number of visitors per day, and then gradually ease the restrictions. Park operators should also consciously take care of this series of safety measures, and do not neglect the safety of customers for the benefit of the park.

The above are some of the changes that children's parks must face at the beginning of the opening of the park, and only by adapting to the development and changes of the market and customer needs can we make the park develop in a healthy direction.