The old factory building was "transformed" into a children's playground

The old factory building has been renovated and upgraded to "transform" into a children's education park to provide children with a joyful experience. In Beijing's Haidian District, a thriving playboy education park is becoming a vivid example of urban innovation and development. Recently, the author walked into the park and experienced the "new" and "old" of the exclusive park with the children.

Open-air cinema is full of fun

At 7 o'clock in the evening, at dusk, with a few stars on the horizon and the evening breeze blowing the leaves, dozens of children and their parents sat around the central lawn to watch an interesting open-air movie in the Little Play Children's Education Park in Haidian District. Soft picnic mats, white canopy tents decorated with warm lights, and informative children's movies, the park holds a "Star Tent Festival" several times a week.

"The kids love to come here to play!" Ms. Liu said that they live in a community near the park, and her daughter meets up with children to play after school. The open park provides children with a good place for leisure and play, without cars, on the wide and flat road, children and parents take a walk together and have a harmonious parent-child time; You can also play freely on the large green lawn, where children can share toys and immerse themselves in their own small social circle; The most lively thing is the variety of amusement rides, such as slides, swings, climbing frames, and other safe and fun facilities, which are always surrounded by laughter.

With small tables and chairs, low steps, the facilities here are designed with children in mind. "Try to achieve 'small space, more fun', we strive to 'squat down', judge the size of the activity venue from the perspective of children, let children play easily and not hard, and create an equal and friendly children's space." Liu Shuai, the person in charge of the Little Play Education Park, introduced. High-quality, complete infrastructure construction that meets the needs of children allows children to release their natural instincts, return to a happy childhood, and help children grow up healthily.

The renovation of the old factory has a unique flavor

"This was originally the Beijing Transformer Factory, and later it was converted into the Wukesong Recycling Station of the Haidian Material Recovery Company, and the environment is dirty." Wang Bo, section chief of the Party and Mass Work Office of Tiancun Road Street, introduced. Implementing the policy of urban double repair (ecological restoration and urban repair), the park has carried out the transformation of old factories in a big way, paved new roads, built new walls, and planted pomegranate trees, so as to achieve "a hundred flowers, a hundred grasses, and a hundred fruits", and the appearance of the park has taken on a new look. The buildings here have been reinforced and renovated on the basis of the factory building, and the insulation layer has been made and the new paint has been painted in combination with the needs; The structure retains the layout and form of the original factory area, and the towering masonry chimney serves as an ornamental landmark, which has a unique flavor.

A few years ago, Ma Yubao, the winner of the 4th China Calligraphy Pavilion Award, came here to set up the Hongkai Painting and Calligraphy Institute, and as one of the first merchants, the park has experienced from depression to prosperity. He recalled: "The dilapidated old factory building has gradually become more beautiful and green, and it has become what it is today, and the children have a new paradise for growth." ”

Ms. He, who lives nearby, has witnessed the changes in the park: "In the past, it was surrounded by fences, and there was a lot of garbage piled up, and no one would approach it. Now the environment is really good, and I often bring my children to play. ”

A "one-stop" experience of interest activities

"Children's education service is a new way for our park to explore, and our concept comes from the text "From Baicao Garden to Sanwei Library", forming an educational complex integrating training, experience, entertainment, leisure, nature, culture, etc., to meet children's interests and development needs in various aspects. Liu Shuai said. Different from most of the old factory renovation projects, the Little Play Education Park creatively proposes to build a park that specifically serves children. At present, the park has children's swimming pools, equestrian halls, Go halls and other education and training institutions, as well as badminton halls, basketball halls, calligraphy halls, children's medical care, music halls, coffee shops, bookstores and other platforms are also continuously open, children can experience a variety of interest activities in the park "one-stop".

The resource-intensive park provides a richer experience for children, and more and more children and parents come to the park on weekday evenings and weekends. Children practice fencing, experience scooters, swim exercises, learn equestrianism, or develop interests after school, spend leisure weekends happily, cultivate sentiments and experience life.