How to plan and design an outdoor non-powered children's playground

During the three-year epidemic prevention and control period, the non-powered park has become a very popular amusement project for parent-child family peripheral tours, and has been widely concerned and applied in parks, scenic spots, farms, villages and other scenes, and has become one of the drainage equipment for operators. Through the integration of non-powered amusement equipment and the local environment and folk culture, the urban consumer groups are introduced into the towns and villages near the suburbs of the city, so that a comprehensive parent-child paradise can be formed to revitalize the countryside, serve the city and improve the environment.

Let's talk about non-powered amusement equipment first, for some large non-powered parks, the amusement equipment in it mainly includes: water expansion projects, land expansion projects, jungle expansion projects and Internet celebrity amusement projects. Water development projects are very popular projects in summer, how many kinds of water development equipment depend on the size of the pool, summer water play to solve the high temperature and heat, winter can be used inflatable air cushion, to solve the problem of winter can not wet clothes, can play all year round, very popular.

Land expansion projects include: climbing net slide combination, sliding world, suspension bridge combination, hanging pile combination, step by step thrilling and so on. The more common Internet celebrity amusement projects are: jungle through the magic net, pit dad roller coaster, pig run, bouncing clouds, Internet celebrity trees, etc. are very representative. The jungle expansion project can be played all year round, has a large carrying capacity, and has two ways to build it. One is built directly from trees in the middle of the trees, and the other is built by building platforms with pillars, both of which are very popular in the park.