How to disinfect and clean the amusement equipment in the trampoline park?

How to disinfect and clean the rides in the trampoline park? What kind of disinfection and cleaning measures should be taken?

As a public place for children to gather and play, the trampoline park must be cleaned and disinfected.

This is also a criterion for whether the operator can operate for a long time.

Disinfection measures common to most games:

When cleaning, you can use 84 disinfectant, Velux disinfectant, soapy water, and disinfectant laundry detergent. Before use, be sure to dilute it clean, configure it according to the proportion of the manual, so as not to be poisoned, and then wipe it with a rag, you can also use a watering can, diluted with disinfectant water, spray and wipe, and the element that needs to be paid attention to is that it will be safer to play after a period of time after disinfection. You can also buy ultraviolet disinfection lamps for sterilization. In a conspicuous position in the children's playground, hang the disinfection record board to reassure parents.

The above disinfection and cleaning methods are suitable for naughty castles, quality development, EPP building blocks, wooden building blocks, plastic building blocks, ziplines, dry snow, slides, safety fences, climbing walls, ninja trails and other game items. (I'll talk about the game project later)

Disinfection measures for sponge blocks:

1. Keep the venue clean and reduce the pollution of dust to the sponge block.

2. Pay attention to ventilation, humid air may induce mold and odor of sponge blocks.

(The trampoline park where I worked had a layer of black sponge blocks at the bottom, which was a little harder than other colored sponge blocks, and then put other sponge blocks of different colors on top)

3. Try to avoid large and dusty decoration of the venue, if it is not necessary to decorate, please do a good job of covering and protecting the sponge pool.

4. Please turn off the ventilation when the outdoor weather is seriously polluted to avoid outdoor dust pollution.

5. Do a good job of supervision, all personnel entering the park must wear socks, and it is strictly forbidden to wear shoes to enter.

6. The cleaner needs to clean the entire venue once a day.

7. It is forbidden to bring water and other liquids into the park, and if you find that the sponge ball pool is wet or watery, please dry it in time.

8. The sponge pool is regularly cleaned of foreign bodies at the bottom, and disinfectant water is sprayed regularly for sterilization and disinfection.

(Work experience: Once the boss took all the sponge blocks to dry cleaning, the price I don't know very well, after getting it back from the dry cleaner, all spread on the trampoline, a large area sealed up and can't play.) Therefore, the sponge block is basically not cleaned, because the difficulty, labor cost, and time cost of cleaning are too large for a venue, and the gains outweigh the losses, and they are generally treated as vulnerable and consumable parts. )

Disinfection measures for toys made of different materials:

1. Plastic toys can be diluted and soaked in soapy water, disinfectant laundry detergent, bleaching powder, etc., rinsed with clean water, and dried with a cleaning cloth.

2. Cloth toys can be brushed with soapy water or placed in the sun.

3. Wooden toys that are moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, and non-fading can be washed with soapy water and dried.

4. Iron toys are exposed to the sun for more than 6 hours, which has a sterilizing effect.

Disinfection measures for indoor hardware equipment:

1. Activity rooms, floors, walls, etc., are disinfected by daily ultraviolet radiation.

2. The room should be ventilated frequently, sprayed with peracetic acid once a week, and regularly sprayed with 3% for toilets and toilets.

Summary: (My personal work experience: The trampoline park where I worked before (about 1000 square meters), there will be a cleaning aunt to clean it at 4 o'clock in the afternoon every day (the whole trampoline park has to be cleaned for about 2-3 hours, and the naughty castle will be dragged everywhere, which is very hard), but the trampoline park is open from 9:30 to 21.30, so after cleaning, there will still be children to play. Therefore, it is advisable to either clean in the morning before opening or after work. I personally recommend, that's all. )

At present, the relevant health management regulations make it clear that toys in kindergartens must be disinfected once a week, but there are no health regulations specifically for children's amusement facilities, and the hygiene situation can only be mastered by the operators themselves. According to the relevant personnel of the health department, so far, China has not issued relevant laws and regulations to regulate the health of children's paradises in squares, shopping malls and supermarkets, and is blank in supervision, so the relevant departments cannot force the operators to carry out special disinfection of these amusement facilities, nor can they be required to disinfect how often or how to disinfect, etc., and the health status can only rely on the operators themselves. However, in order for children to play safely and hygienically, operators should consciously clean and disinfect children's playground equipment frequently according to the actual situation.