The history of trampoline parks

Trampoline originated in Europe and the United States, and has become popular in more than 200 countries including the United States and Australia, and has developed into a sport. With the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, He Wenna won the first gold medal, trampoline began to pay attention to the domestic public, after several years of development and introduction, once popular in Europe and the United States trampoline parks began to bloom everywhere in China, the development momentum of the industry is fierce.


Now, driven by videos such as Douyin, trampoline park has become a mecca for Internet celebrities to check in, and the projects inside are novel and fun. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. It is expected that 95% of the visitors are playing trampoline for the first time, and there are all kinds of trampolines and trampoline activities in the experience venue, and its cool performance actions and exciting bouncing experience are more and more favored by people of different ages.

TrampolineWhether it is an adult or a child, jumping, jumping, and flying are all nature. The thrill of being in the air will be exciting, and the diversified trampoline gameplay is also an important factor in the successful transformation of trampoline from a competitive event to a national entertainment sport. Now the trampoline park is not only a simple trampoline, but also incorporates basketball, football, squash obstacles, sticky walls, mille-feuille and devil's slides and other more playable features. For young children, there will be expansion, naughty castle, rock climbing, etc., and the rest area can also host birthday parties and large-scale activities. She's more like a trampoline version of Disney.

In the future, the trampoline park project will be popular all over the streets. Nowadays, the life of adults is becoming more and more stressful, and they need a place to release their stress, and the company's team building trampoline park is also a good place. For children, parents of the post-80s and 90s generations now want their children to grow up in entertainment. Kids also love to bounce around here to unleash their nature. Trampoline parks cater to a wide range of age groups, and the number of park attractions is constantly increasing. In 2019, the development of trampoline theme parks is unstoppable!