Huimin micro-renovation children's paradise has a new look

In addition to schools, the community is the place where children have the most activities, and the amusement park is an important carrier for children to play in the community. A few days ago, when I walked into the Jinxuan Mansion Community in the Heping Residential Area of Jiaxing Road Street, I could see the colorful slides, seesaws, and plastic floors in the brand-new children's amusement park. Every evening, many children in the community will come to the children's playground to play and play, adding a lot of color to the children's lives.

Know the needs of the people and solve the people's worries

Jinxuan Mansion was built in 2000, for more than 20 years, the amusement park is deeply loved by children, accompanied countless people to spend a happy childhood, but with the passage of time, the frequency of use increases, the facilities are aging, rusty, damaged, ground cracking, uneven and uneven problems are becoming more and more serious, there are greater safety hazards.

"My kids love to go to the amusement park, but now it's in tatters everywhere, and the kids are down the slide and their pants are torn, when will they be able to renovate it?" Some residents reflected. Understanding the needs of the community residents, the neighborhood committee carried out a poll on the residents around the amusement park to solicit their opinions and suggestions. "Change to a plastic floor, so it's safer" "Add street lights next to the amusement park"..., residents make suggestions every word.

Do practical things and rejuvenate the machine

The update of the children's playground mainly includes the replacement of children's slides, the addition of seesaws and the re-laying of plastic non-slip mats. All the amusement facilities are considered to be used by children, the size, height and height are defined, the iron frame part is specially equipped with anti-collision soft bags, and the width of the seesaw seats is also designed according to the scale of children, so as to ensure the safety of children in the process of playing.

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