The price gap between Naughty Castle is huge, how bad is it?

The children's entertainment industry is on fire, and investing in Naughty Castle is one of the projects considered by many investors, but for the same area, the quotation of Naughty Castle manufacturers has a huge gap, which makes many investors particularly confused. There are a variety of projects in Naughty Castle, the main items are trampoline, ocean ball pool, sand pit, air gliding, canoe bridge, chain bridge, cockpit, rotating slide, slide, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruption, carbine, cannon, cartoon partition, air car, coconut tree, Winnie the Pooh, waterbed, balloon house, carousel, time and space shuttle, happy octopus, inflatable trampoline, water slide, water roller, pirate ship, mini turntable, animal shake and other equipment. Investors can match different equipment and design different theme styles according to their own needs and the actual situation of the venue.

The area of Naughty Castle Theme Park is generally more than 100 square meters, if the area is too small, the facilities will be too small, the venue and equipment will be too small, too crowded and children will queue up to experience, which will inevitably affect the user experience. Nowadays, Naughty Castle is quoted according to the equipment outside, and the detailed price should be based on the equipment you choose, and the price of different equipment may be very different. The price of Naughty Castle is 400-800 yuan per square meter at the low end, 900-1100 yuan per square meter at the middle end, and 1200-1500 yuan per square meter is considered high-end. Factors affecting the price of Naughty Castle 1. The materials used in the equipment of Naughty Castle are different, and the price will be different, and environmentally friendly materials are more expensive than ordinary materials. 2. The internal configuration of the naughty castle, the opposite specification of the site, the condition of the internal project configuration of the children's naughty castle is different and the price is different, for example, the more functions, the higher the price. 3. The size of the site, generally speaking, the larger the site, the lower the average price per square meter, and vice versa.