2024 China International Non-powered Amusement Equipment Exhibition

In today's continuous economic development, parents are paying more and more attention to the spiritual cultivation of their children, hoping that children can put down electronic products in their leisure time and return to nature, which has also led to the hot development of non-powered children's amusement facilities.

With the upgrading of non-powered children's amusement facilities, the style of the equipment is now developing in the direction of theme and personalization, with strong cultural inclusiveness and participation, which can well stimulate children's curiosity and desire to explore.

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Non-powered children's amusement facilities are divided according to the way of experience, can be divided into physical expansion class, slide class, climbing class, water development class, etc., the designer has spent a lot of thought on the color, structure and internal structure of the overall facility, children are easily attracted when they look at the past, and immediately have the urge to play, and in the process of experience can experience the fun of exploration and climbing, and can also help children enhance their physique.

Non-powered children's amusement facilities have relatively high safety attributes, compared with traditional mechanical amusement equipment, do not need to use electricity this is a great advantage, and it pays more attention to the interaction of equipment and people in the experience process, participation, these are to let children grow up when playing, curiosity and desire to explore are satisfied, feel more happiness to grow up, enlighten wisdom in happiness, let visitors devote themselves wholeheartedly to it, get the fun and happiness of the whole process in playing.

This exhibition will focus on the development status and future trend of the non-powered amusement equipment industry, and the exhibition layout is divided into five special exhibition areas: non-powered amusement equipment exhibition area, amusement park equipment exhibition area, inflatable equipment exhibition area, water and sand musical instrument equipment exhibition area, and supporting supplies and service exhibition area.

The 2024 China International Non-powered Amusement Equipment Exhibition will be held at the Liaoning Industrial Exhibition Center on May 24-26, and the registration 4008856191 Liaoning Zhongying Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Scope of Exhibits:

Non-powered amusement equipment: large drill nets, large climbing nets, trampolines, slides, sand pool parks, jungle leaps, physical development, climbing, swings, swinging chairs, turntables, rockers, ropeways, naughty castles, safety mats, educational toys, music overturning, flipping music, children's riding, fitness equipment, combination amusement toys, etc.

Amusement park equipment: roller coasters, Ferris wheels, scooters, special film and television equipment, bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, pirate ships, pendulums, water amusement facilities, game machines, all kinds of entertainment machines, puzzle and entertainment facilities and equipment, dynamic film and television equipment, water park equipment, robots, children's parks, water slides, sound and light technology amusement facilities, etc.

Inflatable equipment: children's entertainment city, inflatable castle, inflatable ball pool, inflatable channel, inflatable sports series, inflatable fishing pool, inflatable park, walking ball, water roller, inflatable swimming pool, inflatable boat, water yobo ball and children's supporting facilities, inflatable snowman, cartoon model toys, inflatable walking cartoon advertising model, etc.

Water, sand, musical instrument equipment: swimming pool facilities, water wheels, water dispensers, beach pools, pools, hourglasses, water trampolines, water slides, sand digging equipment, space sand, large sand play equipment, children's percussion instruments, hand percussion piano, microphone, drumming, teaching official piano, metronome, etc.

Related supporting supplies and services: amusement park planning and design, management system, payment system, vending machines, float parades, performances, indoor children's park equipment, coin machines, game machines, various toy products, theme entertainment, catering equipment, etc.

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