What kinds of non-powered amusement equipment are suitable for arranging in the scenic spot

Nowadays, the development momentum of the tourism industry is picking up, and more and more people are choosing to play in tourist scenic spots, farms, villas, etc. during the holidays. The addition of non-powered amusement equipment in these places can be a good drainage, and everyone prefers novel and interesting amusement equipment. So do you know which non-powered amusement equipment is more suitable for scenic spots?

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1. Non-powered expansion class

The thrilling Sky Walk, the thrilling high-altitude spinning slide, the rapidly descending rainbow slide, etc., are all important factors that attract tourists to play. There are a lot of people who go out to play, relax and want to feel those more exciting amusement projects, if these places in the scenic area plan more such non-powered amusement equipment, it will attract more people to play.

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2. Water recreation

In the summer, everyone loves to play in the water, and the non-powered water amusement development program is suitable for all ages and is very popular with players. In winter, you can drain the water in the pool and put an inflatable cushion so that when the weather is cold, the amusement equipment can still be used for everyone to play.

3. Internet celebrity check-in

Every time you go to a scenic spot, the first thing you think of is to take pictures and record your pleasant experience. Like the Internet celebrity multi-person swing, the Internet celebrity cherry blossom tree swing, the bouncing clouds, the pit daddy roller coaster, etc., are loved and recognized by players. If the scenic spot plans and arranges these amusement projects, it can attract more people to come to check in and play, and at the same time improve the reputation of the scenic spot.

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There are many types of amusement equipment suitable for scenic spots, and which non-powered amusement equipment is more suitable for their own scenic spots, this issue has been introduced above, so it is necessary to consider it comprehensively when choosing scenic amusement equipment.