Why are there more and more non-powered parks?

Non-powered parks have become popular among kids, parents, and friends in recent years. Here, children can not only have a more enjoyable entertainment experience, but also get a good workout. Some parent-child interaction programs can go a long way in stabilizing the relationship between a child and his or her parents. Many owners also want to invest in amusement parks for objective returns.

1. A full set of equipment

Non-powered play structures, such as the outdoor garden series and straw series of children's slides, slide and swing combination jumping, climbing, etc., are more attractive to children due to their innovative play, variability and high safety factor.

2. Walk your baby while shopping and eating

Now the children are little emperors and princesses. You have to follow them wherever you want to go, and you have to pay for them willingly. For office workers, their daily breaks and weekends are not a lot of parent-child time for them and their children. Not only can you play with your children, but you can also shop and eat, which is rare on other occasions. Of course, the main shopping item here is children's toys.

3. Annual card consumption

In order to make the park continue to be profitable, it is common to launch an annual pass consumption program, where children can apply for an annual pass and come here for leisure and entertainment throughout the year. As long as we calculate a little, the annual consumption of children in a big city in leisure and entertainment is not low, and the one-ticket method like a non-powered park can really leave a sum of money for the guardians, so that the non-powered park is also more close to the people.