How long can the popular non-powered parent-child park be popular?

With the development and progress of society, more and more children's theme parks are meeting with everyone. There are different opinions about what type of play children prefer. Some say thrilling, some say parent-child interaction, and some say Internet celebrity check-in. In fact, the hottest thing now is the non-powered parent-child paradise. Non-powered parent-child playground is a kind of children's playground based on non-powered amusement equipment, which is suitable for parents to take their children to play together, so that children can experience and learn Xi nature in play, stimulate creativity and imagination, and exercise at the same time. The equipment of the non-powered parent-child playground includes climbing nets, slides, swings, seesaws, etc., which are non-powered and do not require the help of electricity or other external energy sources, so they are relatively safe and also have a good role in promoting children's physical and psychological development. This type of amusement park usually designs a variety of amusement facilities with a variety of cartoon-themed shapes to make children have more fun in the amusement.

The scope of application of non-powered parent-child parks is very wide, and can be established in scenic spots, parks, farmhouses and other places, generally only two or three thousand square meters of space can be operated, and most of the equipment is non-powered, and it can be used without special maintenance. Therefore, the non-powered parent-child park is loved by many children and young people, and it is also an emerging parent-child travel method. The non-powered parent-child park is very popular right now. In particular, the sliding world, flying castle, skywalk, jungle magic net and other projects in the park have become the signature equipment of almost every amusement park.