What type of indoor children's park do you like best?

Indoor children's playgrounds are blooming everywhere, which are deeply loved by parent-child families and occupy a special position in children's growth and social communication. Now on the market, indoor children's playgrounds are mainly divided into several types:

The first type: the traditional Naughty Castle indoor children's playground

Naughty Castle is also called Children's Fort, 100-800 square meters. In view of children's nature of climbing, jumping, rolling, rocking, sliding, drilling, shaking, swinging, etc., a children's amusement center integrating amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness and other functions is formed through the three-dimensional combination of amusement equipment safety science. Naughty castle management is simple, maintenance is convenient, investment is small, return is fast, but the configuration is simple, the game equipment is repeated, can not form user stickiness, after a long time, children will lose the interest in repeated play.

This kind of indoor children's park is the product with the highest market share at present, and it is more suitable for placing in the sub-center of the city, small and medium-sized supermarkets and other places. The basic configuration is a bubble pool, children's swivel chair, coconut tree, carousel, slide, climbing net, and so on. Although the market share is high, in the face of more and more discerning consumer groups, simple naughty castles cannot meet the needs of the market, so some naughty castles with themes came into being, such as forest-themed naughty castles, ocean-themed naughty castles and so on.

The second type: the brand's exclusive indoor children's playground

The brand's exclusive indoor children's playground is mainly based on the naughty castle to add brand symbols and integrate the designer's unique design expressions, such as the Nerbao Family Center, which applies Morandi color to the children's scene for the first time, focusing on parent-child, interactive, casual and aesthetic one-stop service center, integrating large-scale amusement, professional book reading, parent-child restaurant, and children's theme activities. Covering an area of 4,000-10,000 square meters, Nerbao has a strong sense of design and rich color matching, which is divided into cloud library area, simulation city, climbing and play area, party classroom, tree house restaurant and other areas, and has multiple branches and additional spaces. In SimCity, children can play a variety of roles and drive "luxury cars" with Porsche and BMW logos to wander around the simulated city. The Girl's Dream Factory is a space where you can realize your dreams. If you are tired of playing and want to replenish your energy, the children can sit in the treehouse restaurant and enjoy a meal. There are also dozens of amusement projects including Flying City, Hands-on Paradise, Bubble Pool, Light and Shadow World, etc. Although Nerbao subverts the traditional indoor children's playground, it seamlessly connects edutainment, parent-child interaction, leisure and play, and business work. However, for the super-large area of land, whether the huge investment can kill a bloody way in the children's entertainment map remains to be tested by the market.

The third type: cartoon-themed indoor children's park

Through the creation of an animation IP theme atmosphere, the cartoon-themed indoor children's park integrates a variety of experience methods into the wonderful amusement, creating a happy world that expands children's thinking, cultivates children's socialization, enriches children's lives, and enhances parent-child emotions. For example, Wanda Baby King Indoor Children's Theme Park, designed for 0-8 years old Chinese parent-child families, with the core concept of edutainment, through the Baby King Submarine Column 2.0 version of the park with the Submarine Column IP as the main scene, to create a new version of the "quality amusement + scenario education" of the park, advocating the teaching concept of "edutainment", with immersive scenario teaching, guiding children to "play" with high quality, learning to Xi and grow through play. However, due to Wanda's inherent cost and plan natural defects, the transformation and implementation of the design theme and facility functions have greatly reduced the quality. The existing developed products are at most more cartoon than the themed naughty castle.

The design of children's playground is a long-term science, and designers can integrate divergent thinking and various creativity into the design of the park, which can effectively avoid homogeneous competition while increasing the attraction point of the park. Each type of indoor children's playground has its own advantages and disadvantages, Chuangyi Park has a professional site planning and design team, from field measurement to site functional zoning, and then from CAD drawing to 3DMAX model output and other links, the staff are extremely serious and responsible, and the site planning and design scheme customer satisfaction is extremely high. In the design of the indoor children's playground, the design of the creative garden has always advocated the principle of "adapting measures to local conditions", reflecting the unique temperament and characteristics of the place. The design of children's playground based on the spirit of the place aims to refine the characteristic elements of the site that conform to children's cognition by studying the internal connection between the place and children, and create a paradise that can accompany children's growth.

At the same time, children's parks, as a branch of amusement parks, can also continue the planning methods of amusement parks when doing theme planning. Firstly, it is necessary to sort out the natural and cultural mechanism of the project location and determine the positioning of the project, secondly, to capture the regional characteristic elements that children are interested in, and finally to set up IP characters, write theme stories, and delineate theme partitions according to the captured elements.