What are the advantages of outdoor non-powered children's playgrounds in the city?

At present, all over the country, children's playgrounds, children's playgrounds and children's activity facilities are being built on a large scale, and public welfare organizations are also paying attention to the healthy growth of urban children. Many outdoor children's activity spaces have gradually moved indoors, and indoor playgrounds have become popular for a while, but although they are protected from the wind and rain, they actually deprive children of the possibility of going outdoors, into nature and social experience.Fun outdoor non-powered park space design can positively attract children to play, rather than boring play. Children's play can choose the warm atmosphere indoors, or choose a free natural environment, and outdoor non-powered play is worth experiencing.

Children are interested in bright, bright, and novel things, and are good at repetitive activities with simple games. From the visual texture, let the child feel very excited and open up the child's liveliness. Therefore, when designing outdoor non-powered parks, we will boldly use contrasting colors, and use high-purity primary colors to achieve the bright effect of the picture, forming a bold, bright, warm and warm color style. This innocent, jumpy, rhythmic color is reflected in all the landscape elements of the non-powered park.On the whole, the diversified non-powered playground uses a variety of options to stimulate children's curiosity and guide them to engage in play. Each child can find the right equipment to play according to their preferences, develop different abilities, use the child's own imagination to develop the child's motor skills, and the play equipment is non-powered, which is not only environmentally friendly but also safe.

The design-oriented model of the non-powered park encourages children to explore new meanings and visions, participate in games and activities, stimulate their senses, promote their physical development, learn more about the development of knowledge and social relationships, and enable them to grow up in healthy harmony with the environment. Connect children to nature through technology, art and gardeningOutdoor environment and non-powered amusement from the design point of view is a natural pair, very compatible, nature itself is full of infinite charm and fun, coupled with superb and creative amusement projects, for children can form the greatest attraction, this attraction can be sustained, and once the child group has a concentration can form the cultivation and improvement of learning ability.

Therefore, outdoor non-powered amusement is not only amusement activities, but can achieve a variety of empowerment, in the process of children's growth to form a healthy and positive guiding role, which can form the opposite effect of the current electronic information products, mobile phone Internet allows them to understand knowledge more quickly and conveniently, and outdoor non-powered projects can allow the door to exercise and expand their own body functions.