The Inflatable Bouncing Cloud is a non-powered amusement device

Bouncing clouds have different play experiences and play methods, we launched a new inflatable bouncing cloud called Internet celebrity jumping cloud, a combination of movement and static parent-child entertainment project, friends of all ages can play and enjoy the happy time of parent-child fun. Jumping and slipping on the clouds, and when you are tired, you can quietly enjoy playing with the sand in the snow-white, cool and clean sand.

Jumping clouds, both workmanship and appearance are tall, with a long life, can be permanently fixed on the ground, itself has a self-cleaning function, and is very convenient to maintain. Bouncing clouds, the overall shape is soothing and smooth, high safety, children play with each other, promote interaction between children, enhance communication skills.

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Inflatable bouncing cloud is one of our new designs focusing on the high-end amusement market, and is one of the new simple, generous and fun children's amusement projects professionally designed for various high-end amusement spots, farms and large amusement parks.