How much does it cost to open a small indoor children's playground?

Usually, indoor children's amusement park equipment is divided into two categories, one is the traditional naughty castle, which is a static facility with low cost but not enough interactivity; The other type is electric naughty castle equipment, the age group is limited, and the cost of electric naughty castle will be higher.

It is recommended to operate indoor children's amusement equipment in large shopping malls, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, etc., and popularity determines the future operation, so the location must be selected. When selecting a site, it is necessary to make an estimate of the flow of people around the site and the commercial prospect of the surrounding area.

So, how much does a children's play equipment cost? Let me analyze it for you.

1. The size of the site.

The larger the area, the more playground equipment is needed, and the more expensive the equipment will be. For playground equipment at the same price, the equipment cost of 100 square meters and 200 square meters is definitely different. A children's playground of one or two hundred square meters may be equipped with naughty castles and video games, while a children's playground of five hundred square meters needs some other projects, and a playground of thousands of square meters needs more equipment.

2. Decoration level.

The decoration of the children's park is relatively simple, just whitewash the wall and keep the ground flat, after all, as long as the children's park is based on experience, rather than spending most of the money on decoration, it is better to invest in the equipment to improve the playability of the children's park, remember not to put the cart before the horse.

3. Equipment configuration.

Children's park equipment is the most basic component of the park, so in the selection of equipment is to carry out scientific and reasonable matching. It is necessary to consider the planning of the venue and equipment, how to look more reasonable and make it more interesting for children to play; According to different economic conditions, the same kind of playground equipment is subject to different input costs such as materials and workmanship. If it is also a naughty castle, it can be divided into three different grades of popular, mid-range, and luxury editions to choose from. The popular is about 600 yuan per square meter; The mid-end is about 600~800 yuan per square meter; The deluxe version is about 800~1200 yuan per square meter.

4. Personnel salary.

In general, a 100-square-meter children's playground needs at least 3 clerks. To recruit store assistants, it is best to like children, have affinity, and have experience in preschool education. Having the staff take the children through a variety of activities not only creates an atmosphere in the store, but also allows parents to prefer this kind of group activity for their children. The salary expenditure of each clerk is about 2,200 yuan per month.

5. Publicize investment.

If you want the children's park to be popular, publicity and promotion must be indispensable. You can choose to distribute flyers in areas with many children, rent billboards at nearby bus and subway stations, and promote them on WeChat, which may receive unexpected results. Publicity and promotion as a fixed monthly expenditure, around 1,000 yuan.

6. Business investment.

Operating a children's park, as well as utilities, office supplies, etc., are less than 1,500 yuan per month.

The above six points are the main factors that affect the quotation of children's playground equipment. Of course, no matter what equipment you choose, keep in mind that quality comes first, and your child's safety is paramount. Investors can decide to purchase equipment according to their own financial strength and market demand.