What are the recommended rides for outdoor playgrounds?

On weekends, everyone wants to go outdoors and feel the beauty of nature, and it would be nice if there was a place in the forest park where everyone could relax. Children like strangely shaped animals or castles, teenagers like exciting amusement projects, and middle-aged and elderly people like the flower world. This is the basic standard for an outdoor playground that caters to the preferences of all age groups. So let's take a look at the outdoor playground, what are the fun rides recommended? This article contains the following 1. Children's combination slide 2. Exciting roller coaster 3. Landscape amusement facilities outdoor playground-1 First, children's combination slide If it is recommended for children to use outdoor playground, of course, it is better to combine slides, because the area of the combination slide is relatively concentrated, and all outdoor playgrounds are in one space, which can allow children to have a safer play space. Secondly, the children's combination slide also covers a lot of equipment items, want to swing, seesaw, slide, drilling adventure, etc. can be experienced throughout the project. Outdoor Playground-2 Second, what are the recommended fun rides for the outdoor playground of the Exciting Roller Coaster? Teenagers are more keen to go outdoors, so a series of projects such as exciting high-altitude shuttles, physical development challenges, jungle flying squirrels, and forest mazes are what they prefer. It is more than enough to create a playground for challengers in a large forest park, and these exciting outdoor play equipment can also attract more people to play. Outdoor playground-3 Third, landscape amusement facilities In order to make the whole playground more harmonious with the natural scenery, some landscape amusement equipment is usually built, so such as large Ferris wheels and stainless steel custom slides are all to create more unique projects. The significance of the existence of these projects is to allow everyone to take the initiative to take photos and check in, and then enhance the ornamentation in the playground, and also meet the preferences of middle-aged and elderly people. Outdoor playground-4We produce and sell amusement equipment types are colorful, complete scale, there are many actual cases and actual samples of products on the official website, all products are produced by the design of the site.