What are the most popular outdoor equipment for children's playgrounds? How to run an amusement park well?

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Children's playground outdoor equipment is mainly flying castle, sky trail, rainbow slide, skating world, pit daddy roller coaster, etc., these equipment is not placed at random, need to combine scientific planning, the principle of human movement and other layout, using novel design concepts, so that the park can easily return to the cost! In fact, as long as the location of the venue can be selected correctly, the return is stress-free, very easy, now the non-powered amusement market is relatively hot, after several years of economic contraction, consumers will have retaliatory consumption, so, how to quickly return to the cost of non-powered parks? 1. The location of the site, this is very important, especially for the larger site, the better location is an hour's drive away, so the venue rent, transportation and other cost-effective are relatively high. 2. Now there are a lot of Internet celebrity non-powered parks, the overall equipment price is relatively low, its use cycle is also short, and there will be some safety problems, rather than standard customized equipment, materials, processes and other aspects can be selected, the use cycle is long, the safety is high, the shape is good-looking, and the price will be a little higher, so when choosing equipment, investors should choose a comprehensive cost-effective and far-sighted design concept, which can improve the repurchase rate. 3. The operation and marketing method is also more important, and now the way is slightly better, and it can be achieved in three days to return to the cost, so the overall idea of the operation is to let tourists park first, and then increase the method of two and three matches, pay attention not too much, otherwise it will cause consumer disgust, and at the same time, safety, health, etc. should be done. All in all, in order to make the non-powered park return as soon as possible, it is necessary to understand the local consumption level, hobbies, etc., the more detailed the investigation in the early stage, the easier it will be to do marketing and promotion in the later stage.