What are the common things to do in the parent-child restaurant park?

In modern society, parents are also paying more and more attention to the cultivation and education of their children, more and more investors are aiming at the project of children's parent-child park, what are the common play items of parent-child restaurant park? Large projects such as large trampolines, combining movement and static, cater to the different needs of children from young children to children over 6 years old, and expand the scope of target customers. Reservation system with unlimited play time: The restaurant adopts a reservation system, and the children's park can accommodate up to 50 children, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of service and improving consumer satisfaction. In addition, there is no limit on the time of play, which greatly increases the attractiveness of the restaurant. It is understood that it can receive 100 guests per day, and it will increase to 200 people by the weekend. The space that combines child psychology and adult aesthetics can be designed with 10 theme areas, such as a kitchen market, a color maze, a small theater, an ocean ball and a haha mirror, which are designed and planned by French child psychologists, with the aim of allowing children to have fun. In short, the existence of parents can never be ignored when children's amusement projects, and it is best to choose a project with strong interaction that parents and children can participate in at the same time, which can greatly enrich the participation of children and parents in playing, meet the emotional needs of most parents, and will effectively enhance the core competitiveness of children's parks.