What are the benefits of taking children to a children's playground?

In this day and age, children today have changed a lot from what we did. In order not to let their children fall behind in early childhood, parents sign up for various interest classes and cram schools for their children, I think the pressure on children is too great now, and there are still parents who can be said to be in a state of rejection of children's parks, so is children's parks really just playthings for children? 1. Improve exercise, enhance the brain hole in the era is changing, ideology must be changed, many modern children's amusement facilities can not only let children play, but also benefit the growth of children, such as bringing children happiness while indirectly exercising the child's body, guiding children to the correct aesthetics of things, promoting the growth of children's social communication ability, so that children can open their brains and enhance their intelligence. If you think about it carefully, you will find that the starting point of the design of children's amusement equipment is the far-sighted wisdom of the designer, and the child's lively and active nature will not let go, and many equipment will mobilize the child's ability, and the game will continue to drill, climb, roll, slide, and fully exercise the child's body. 2. Improve the aesthetics of children's cartoon appearance of the equipment, colorful bright colors, coupled with gorgeous lights flashing, so that children gradually understand which of the world is beautiful, and enhance children's aesthetics. 3. Improve communication skills Many play equipment allows multiple children to play together, such as bumper cars, and it is not fun for one or two people to play. It is inevitable for a group of children to talk and communicate together, which is called the communication atmosphere created by distance.  Some children's amusement equipment has a strong educational nature, based on the child's strong curiosity, step by step guidance, and constantly develop the child's intelligence.