This is an unpowered children’s theme park!

For children, most of life is play. Children experience life through play and master some basic skills of life. On the one hand, children are in great need of a playground that can satisfy their souls and develop their physical and thinking abilities; on the other hand, even if parents want to teach their children to play, for themselves, the number of people who are exposed to games is slowly increasing. reduce.

The unpowered children's playground provides parents with a place to play and communicate with their children. While having fun, they can improve their children's physical skills, hands-on ability, thinking ability, communication skills, etc., and accompany their children to spend a unique and happy childhood.

Unpowered means that it does not require any power to drive equipment, while roller coasters and pirate ships require external force to drive. Non-powered equipment allows children to reduce their dependence on finished products and electric equipment, allowing children to experience and learn nature during play, stimulate creativity, imagination and cooperation abilities during exploration, and achieve an overall improvement in comprehensive abilities.

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