How to design a children's slide swing set?

How to design a children's slide swing set? When I saw this question, what came to my mind was that the sun was shining, the sky was clear, there was no cloud, the sun was warm, and it was bright in people's hearts, and a few children were swinging not far away, talking about how to have more fun with the combination slide, in fact, this scene came from the children's slide swing combination we made for the high-end community. The design of children's slide swing combination needs to consider the following factors: 1, safety: engaged in our amusement equipment industry partners know that safety must be prioritized, once for this we also refused some customers' cooperation requirements, they may be more beautiful, and give up security, we will give priority to safety and security, and then consider other details, after all, the combination slide is playing the flowers of the motherland, the future of the motherland, dare not slack! The children's slide swing combination is a children's play facility, so safety is the most important consideration. When designing, materials with reliable quality and in line with relevant national standards should be selected, and at the same time, the structure of the slide and swing should be stable and there are no safety hazards. Outdoor play equipment 2, fun: children's nature is to be fun, and fun can be more fun. Children's slide swing sets need to be designed to be fun, to attract children's interest, and to allow children to have fun in playing. For example, you can make creative designs in the shape, color matching, pattern texture and other aspects of slides and swings to make them look more interesting, and children have fun is the key. Combination slide 3, applicability: The children's slide swing combination should be suitable for children of different ages, so the characteristics and needs of children of different ages need to be considered when designing. For example, slides and swings of different heights can be designed to meet the needs of children of different ages. Designers should stand in the customer's position and end user perspective to measure, the effect is really good, do not blow Oh! 4. Educational: Children will grow up slowly, and in the process of growing up, we need to educate children well. The children's slide swing combination is not only an entertainment facility, but also serves as an educational tool to promote children's physical development and social skills. For example, you can exercise children's physical fitness and coordination through climbing, rotation and other movements such as slides and swings. At the same time, slides and swings can also become a platform for children to interact and communicate, cultivate their social skills and cooperation spirit. Children's slide swing In short, make products not only for the present, but also to trace the past and look forward to the future, so that the product will have a better breakthrough. The design of children's slide swing combinations needs to consider multiple factors such as safety, fun, applicability and education to meet children's needs and promote their overall development. Children like it, customers like it, we are satisfied!