How to deal with the ground of non-powered amusement equipment?

Non-powered amusement rides are one of the very popular attractions nowadays. As a category of amusement projects, friends in the amusement industry are no strangers to non-powered amusement equipment. In the past, non-powered amusement equipment was very low-key in theme parks, but with the development and demand of the market, it has gradually become an indispensable part.

More and more shopping malls, parks, tourist towns, schools and other places do non-powered amusement equipment.

However, different types of amusement equipment with different types of ground will have different effects. How to deal with the ground of non-powered amusement equipment?

The site where the amusement equipment is placed needs to harden the ground, because whether it is pre-embedded or fixed with expansion screws, concrete needs to be poured to harden and fix. Only after hardening the ground can we lay EPDM plastic floor, artificial turf, suspended floor mat and other materials, so as to reflect the integrity with amusement equipment.

Requirements for hardened floors:

1. The surface of the site needs to be poured with asphalt concrete or cement concrete, which requires a certain strength and stability (the cement concrete base needs to cut expansion joints, and the waterproof layer can not be made).

2. It is strictly forbidden to freeze-dry foundation cracks and uneven frost.

3. The base must have good flatness and specified inclination.

4. The surface must be flat to ensure drainage.

5. The surface of the base must be kept clean and dry, and after the base is completed, it is strictly required to maintain for 21 days or more.