Children's playground on the second floor of Beijing Daxing Airport

On the second floor of Beijing Daxing Airport, there is a children's playground, also known as the children's activity area. This park offers a dedicated area for children to relax, entertain and entertain during their trip. Here are some facts about the children's playground:

Facilities: The park has a wide range of facilities, including slides, swings, trampolines, play areas, etc., to meet the needs of children for a variety of games and activities.

Safe and reliable: The facilities and equipment in the children's playground have undergone strict safety inspections to ensure the safety of children during play.

Professional Guardians: There are professional guardians in the park who will always pay attention to the safety of children and provide necessary assistance and guidance.

Kid-friendly: The facilities and activities in the park are suitable for children of all ages, from toddlers to older kids.

Warm and comfortable environment: The environment in the park is designed to be warm and comfortable, providing a pleasant space for children to play.

Please note that the above information is subject to change, so please check with the airport staff for the latest information when you arrive at the airport.

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