Among the children's playground equipment, what is the combination slide that children like the most?

Without further ado, let's get straight to the point. Today, the editor of Hi Le Sky would like to introduce to you the children's amusement equipment "combination slide" that is popular with children.

Combination slide, as the name suggests, refers to the slide placed in parks, communities, kindergartens and other outdoor open spaces for children to play, which belongs to a kind of imported children's amusement equipment. It usually consists of a small staircase and 1-2 slides, as well as a roof above. There are two kinds of slides, one is straight, as shown in the picture, and the other is spiral. Usually, the staircase and the main bracket consist of painted steel pipes to ensure that they are stable enough to avoid injury to the little ones. The slides and roof are made of abrasion-resistant and light-resistant PVC with sleek edges, which are also designed for the safety of children.

The children climbed up the stairs, slid down, and continued to climb, and so on. Watching the children happily playing, I can't help but think of the happy times when I was a child. However, childhood has become a memory, and what can be done now is to hope that the combination slide, an imported children's amusement equipment, can be seen everywhere, and it is satisfying to look at the smiling faces of the children.